My name is Rob Thoburn, and I’m a US-based consultant and advisor. The bulk of my clients have been in the dietary supplements and natural products space. Since 1991, I have helped more than 30 companies grow their sales and profitability globally. Recent examples include helping create a pre-exercise supplement that became a $32MM+ brand in just over 3 years, a top-20 SKU in GNC, and top-10 on Amazon.

Brands I have worked with include Proformance Foods, EBOOST, Champion, wodFuel, BSN, Muscletech, Sport Pharma, ProLab, MET-Rx, MRI, MHP, Betancourt Nutrition, Xymogen, PhytoMedical Technologies, Rivalus, World Health Products (GAT and Cloma Pharma brands), FutureCeuticals, Next Nutrition, Beverly International, AdapTx Labs, ISS Research, Dorian Yates Nutrition, TV Compras, Inner Armour, Revertrex, Scitec, Chromadex, BioCell Collagen, Technical Sourcing International, Labrada Nutrition, Swiss Diet, Infinite Labs, Intellibrands LLC, RPM Nutrition, TEN.1, TLF Apparel, and others.

I was the senior marketing executive and director of business and brand development at BSN during which time it grew over 3000% and was ranked #27 of Inc Magazine’s Top 500 fastest-growing companies. BSN was acquired by Glanbia PLC in 2011 for $144MM.

I have coordinated and co-designed several IRB-approved scientific studies, such as with Louisiana State University’s Pennington Biomedical Center. I am the co-inventor of two patents.


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